Pinnacle High School's 4-year Graphic Design Program

Graphic Design 1-2:

An introductory level course, which exposes students to the fundamentals of graphic design (visual communication). Throughout the year, students will apply basic design concepts—utilizing relevant technology—to primarily print-based graphic design projects.

Course Fee: $25 for the year

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Graphic Design 3-4:

An intermediate level course in which students build on the fundamentals of visual communication introduced in the previous level. Throughout the year, students are challenged to apply complex techniques and concepts—utilizing relevant technology—to create effective designs to satisfy clients’ communication needs, with an emphasis on animation 2D digital and motion graphics.

Course Fee: $25 for the year

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Graphic Design 5-6:

An advanced level course that provides visual communication students with an overview of the history, technologies, and resources of the Internet and the World Wide Web. Throughout the year, students will design and develop hand-coded Websites, with a focus on HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Course Fee: $35 for the year

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Graphic Design 7-8:

An expert level course in which students are challenged to integrate their design knowledge and technology skills to create effective designs that communicate visually in print-based and digital media. A final four-year portfolio communicates the student’s design sense and experience with industry-standard technology in preparation for post-secondary experience.

Course Fee: $35 for the year

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Visual communication is a multi-disciplinary field encompassing graphic design, illustration, Web design, animation, multi-media and photography. Visual communication applies the fundamentals of design concepts to professional problem solving. In other words, visual communication uses images and graphics to convey specific ideas and messages.

There are many practical applications for visual communication. Advertising is one field that relies heavily on images to convey ideas. Print-based visual communication includes poster design, printed brochures, product packaging, magazine layout, book covers, and so on. Visual communication that is digitally produced and based in electronic environments includes animation and Web design and development. Regardless of media employed, visual communication is growing increasingly important in this fast-paced, image-reliant society.

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