Pinnacle's Graphic Design 7-8 Course

Course Description:

Graphic Design 7-8 (PVUSD course #367) is an expert level coursein which students are challenged to integrate their design knowledge and technology skills in order to create effective designs that communicate visually in print-based and digital media.

Throughout Graphic Design 7-8, students are challenged to apply both basic and complex methods, techniques and concepts—utilizing relevant technology—to create effective designs to satisfy clients’ communication needs. A final four-year portfolio communicates the student’s design sense and experience with industry-standard technology in preparation for a post-secondary experience.

At Pinnacle, students enrolled in GD 7-8 are afforded the opportunity of establishing his or her goals for the year. Since the curriculum is individualized for each GD 7-8 student, each student follows a unique assignment calendar. A student may choose to further hone his or her animation and Web design skills (Animate, HTML, CSS, Javascript), return to working in primarily print-based media (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), or choose to work in a combination of digital and print-based media.

Additionally, students will continue to develop interpersonal relations, career development skills, workplace employability skills and technical knowledge and skills in this course.


Course Fee: $35 for the year

Prerequisite Course: Graphic Design 5-6



PBS Off Book Video: The Art of Logo Design

Ⓒ 2012 PBS Off Book: The Art of Logo Design

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