Pinnacle's Graphic Design 5-6 Course

Course Description:

Graphic Design 5-6 (PVUSD course #350) is an advanced level coursethat provides visual communication (graphic design) students with an overview of the history, technologies, and resources of the Internet and the World Wide Web. Students will receive hands-on experience with various Internet/WWW communication, resource-discovery, and information-retrieval tools. Web design and development is included, with a focus on HTML, CSS and Java Script hand-coding, with an introduction Javascript and Dreamweaver.

Throughout the course, students are challenged to apply complex methods, techniques and concepts—utilizing relevant technology—to create effective solutions to satisfy clients’ communication needs, with an emphasis on a digital environment. Additionally, this course continues to prepare interested students for careers in the creative, diverse and growing visual communication industry.

Students will also develop interpersonal relations, career development skills, workplace employability skills and technical knowledge and skills in this course.


Course Fee: $35 for the year

Prerequisite Course: Graphic Design 3-4



PBS Off Book: The Art of Web Design

Ⓒ 2012 PBS Off Book: The Art of Web Design

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