Pinnacle's Graphic Design 3-4 Course

Course Description:

Graphic Design 3-4 (PVUSD course #326) is an intermediate level coursein which students build on the fundamentals of visual communication (graphic design) introduced in the previous level, by gaining knowledge of complex design concepts, and added experience utilizing industry-standard technology.

Throughout Graphic Design 3-4, students are challenged to apply these basic and complex methods, techniques and concepts—utilizing relevant technology—to create effective designs to satisfy clients’ communication needs, with an emphasis on animation and motion graphics. Additionally, this course continues to prepare interested students for careers in the creative, diverse and growing visual communication industry.

At Pinnacle, Graphic Design 3-4 exposes students to the fundamentals of 2D digital animation and motion graphics. Though many people associate animation and motion graphics with cartoon-content created by the entertainment industry, animation is used in a wide range of fields including: education, medicine, architecture, engineering, forensics, and science.


Course Fee: $25 for the year

Prerequisite Course: Graphic Design 1-2



PBS Off Book: The Art of Animation and Motion Graphics

Ⓒ 2012 PBS Off Book: The Art of Animation and Motion Graphics

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