Pinnacle's Graphic Design 1-2 Course

Course Description:

Graphic Design 1-2 (PVUSD course #325) is an introductory level course, which exposes students to the fundamentals of graphic design (visual communication), and provides them with hands-on experience using industry-standard technology. Additionally, this course familiarizes students with the profession of visual communication (graphic design) and prepares interested students in their pursuit of potential careers in the creative and growing visual communication industry.

Throughout Graphic Design 1-2, students will apply basic design concepts—utilizing relevant technology—to authentic, primarily print-based, graphic design projects. This process will help students develop a skill-set rich in critical thinking, logic, organization, communication and problem solving.

At Pinnacle High School, Graphic Design 1-2 students will execute design projects using Macintosh computers equipped with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. No prior experience with the subject or technology is required.


Course Fee: $25 for the year

Prerequisite Course: None



PBS Off Book Video: The Universal Arts of Graphic Design

Ⓒ 2012 PBS Off Book: The Universal Arts of Graphic Design

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