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Imdb: 8.6/10

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Rotten Tomato: 72%


In Earth's future, a global crop blight and second Dust Bowl are slowly rendering the planet uninhabitable. Professor Brand (Michael Caine), a brilliant NASA physicist, is working on plans to save mankind by transporting Earth's population to a new home via a wormhole. But first, Brand must send former NASA pilot Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) and a team of researchers through the wormhole and across the galaxy to find out which of three planets could be mankind's new home.

Release Date: October 26, 2014

Director: Christopher Nolan

Writers: Christopher Nolan & Jonathan Nolan

Rating: PG-13

Runtime: 2h 49m

Box Office: 675.1 million USD


sleep pods

Cryogenic Sleep

cryogenic sleep tanks are used by the crew for long duration space travel. It allows them to slow down the aging process of the human body so that they do not incur excessive senescence and not overly consume limited supplies while on their missions. Although this may seem far fetched, NASA is attempting to recreate these in real life. They wish to use them for astronauts going to mars, however, they have only achieved a week


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The robots in Interstellar, such as the character TARS, are programmed with artificial intelligence, some of which are designed to emulate humans in humor or attitude. They are designed to serve their assigned human and even sacrifice themselves for them. Many companies today are attempting to develop artificial intelligence. For instance, Deepmind, OpenAI, and google are in the race of who is able to create artificial intelligence first.


Plasma Jets

The ranger in the Interstellar movie, uses plasma jets as their engine. It propels an aircraft faster than a traditional engine, by using air and electricity. As a result, there is no need to burn fossil fuels. Moreover, scientists today are attempting to make plasma jet engine, such as the Technical University of Berlin.


Although Interstellar uses futuristic technologies, many of it are in development today. That is because Interstellar is set in the near future. Hopefully, in a couple of years, we will be able to witness the technology used in Interstellar in real life.